Masters' Manor

An exclusive M/s club.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where your collared girl (s) can openly serve, in a group setting, with others who wear a collar and serve those that hold their leash.

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We are an upscale, straight, Male dominant and female submissive private society that is focused on celebrating the M/s lifestyle.

If you are thinking 50 shades of Grey, Story of O, Carrie's Story, or Eyes Wide Shut you're getting the picture.

This discerning private society meets quartly.

To attend our Gatherings: A Master must be invited. A girl must be in a collar and come with an invited Master.

At our Gatherings you will find a private, upscale, luxurious environment, where Masters can share fellowship with other Masters and their slave girls can be openly displayed with pride; and enjoyed with pleasure. The slaves can enjoy friendship and community with other collared women while openly serving their Masters.

Between our Gatherings, the Masters have a council meeting where they plan the gatherings and have community with like minded men. This is a great opportunity to discuss the various issues around having a collared girl.

If your interested in being invited send us a note and one of our members will contact you.

Contact for more information.

General Protocol and Rules of Conduct

As in all organizations there are some rules that all must abide. These are issued to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved, also to maintain the atmosphere of our M/s Gentlemen's Club. The Masters at these gatherings have established the basic protocol. All Masters have different protacals for their  girls bu twe agree on this set for  Masters' Manor Gatherings. As we go forward input is valued. Masters are invited to attend the council to have input in how the gatherings are run. We will never argue about the basic protocol of the Manor infront of the slave girls or during a gathering. It is at the Council that this is set.

  1. Everyone will respect each Master’s property. His slaves/submissives are his property. Every slave/submissive will only be expected to do whatever her Master instructs her to do. Every Master’s word is law with respect to his own slave(s). All slaves/submissives are expected to obey their Master, always and completely, during a Masters Manor gathering.

  2. BDSM, S&M, nudity, scening and sexual activities are welcomed and encouraged at The Masters’ Manor. These activities are at the discretion of each slaves/submissives’ Master. Again... Rule #1- Everyone will respect each Master’s property.

  3. slaves/submissives must wear a collar at all times.

  4. slaves/submissives will respect the other Masters in attendance, and as such, will address all Men of the Manor as Master or Sir. When addressed by a Master they will respond with using Sir or Master. Thier Master may choose what term he wants his property to use when she is refering to him. Example: “Master”,  “Sir”, “My Master”, etc.

  5. Respecting the request of many of the slaves/submissives we will have no dominant acting women at our gatherings. All slaves/submissives should know they can act only as slaves/submissives at The Manor and will conduct themselves as such. Masters are expected to be Masters. There are no “switches” at The Manor. There are no "Domme"' at Masters Manor. Masters will be expected to enforce proper demeanor for their slaves/submissives.

  6. Slaves are not allowed on the furniture and are expected to kneel, unless otherwise told by their Master. We expect Masters to keep the atmosphere and invite their slave girls up onto the furnature only to be played with or cuddle, not just to be lazy.

  7. slaves/submissive protocol for things like talking in third person, looking (or not looking) a Master in the eye, and such, are completely up to their Master. Everyone will respect the protocol that a slaves/submissive is given from her Master, even if your slave/submissive has different protocols.

  8. Before interacting with another Master’s slave/submissive, all Masters will always directly and politely ask for such permission from the girl’s Master.

  9. When doing any BDSM or S&M activity and using anything that impacts one of the gals Masters will ALWAYS try it out on themselves with the same force, or more, then will be used on the girls.

  10. All slaves will communicate with the Masters about force during bdsm play. We will be using a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being I feel almost nothing and 10 being OMG... Aaaaa... that fucking hurts. Masters will periodically ask what level they are feeling during play.

  11. Safe words; anyone into BDSM knows the importance of having safe words. While this is not only a BDSM group we have found that standard Manor safe words to be known by everyone is useful. We will be using colors; “Green” means everything is good and continue, “yellow” means careful something is not quite right, “RED” means Stop! Something is wrong.

  12. There will be no extreme activities like branding, cutting, or other acts that are deemed dangerous, illegal or excessive by the Managing Directors of Masters’ Manor.

  13. Masters and/or their slaves/submissives will clean all communal toys and areas used by them during their own activities, as a gesture of respect for all members.

  14. When the venue requires it; all slaves/submissives will be expected to help clean up the at the end of the gathering. Masters may choose to help, but heck we have slaves for our pleasure and to do our bidding.

  15. Masters that are full members of Masters' Manor may invite others. No one else can.

  16. Any violation of the above “Rules of Conduct” may result in a warning from the Managing Directors of Masters’ Manors. Continued violation will result in your being asked to leave and forfeiture of all membership rights.